Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chicago Love Story

It's February, the month of LOVE!!! Don't get me wrong.  I love. I really do.  Just not this whole notion that we need a singular day in which to celebrate that singular emotion. Probably stems from my grade school days when I got shafted on the Valentine tally.

So I thought I'd show you some sketches for commissions I've been working on.  They are for a young lady, living in Chicago with her hubby, chubby white cat, two chocolate labs, and one bun in the oven, whom I respect and admire (and love) for her positive spirit, generous heart, inward & outward beauty and the wicked tattooed sleeve she sports on her left arm.

I posted earlier sketches of the pups & elements from her second commission request here.


  1. Love the sketches! Love the strutting cat!Sounds like a fun project! And I agree with you re: Valentines Day. Love should be expressed every day!!!

    1. That cat has given me fits. I've been 'stumped' on the position of his remaining legs. HA. That's the trouble with late night sketching. The brain stops working.

  2. Celebrate your love on every day but Hallmark holidays. There's so much pressure to perform on those days that it's just not natural.


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