Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Am I Deserving???

So....this happened to me this week...

A special thanks to Nate William @n8w and Illustration Mundo @imundo 
To be featured on a site that promotes artists to Agents, Editors and Art Directors is a BIG deal.
To have been hand-selected by such a talent as NATE WILLIAMS is an EVEN BIGGER DEAL.

then I did these...

 and got frustrated...

and wanted to go hide in a hole...
& someone said they 'looked forced'
and wondered if I was deserving of any sort of feature/highlight/accolade...
or if I will ever figure out my work...
or how to paint...
or really quit giving a s**t and just 
Will all this gnashing of teeth one day lead me to greatness??

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On Hiatus...

I am going on hiatus!
I need to spend less time on the internet and more time with my sketchbook and crayons.
Check back in with ya'll soon.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday 7 AUG 2013

I've been slowly matriculating my blog postings to my website in a effort to cut DOWN on the number of times and places I need to login.  
I will post here on a weekly basis my most recent WIPs.
I hope you will continue to follow along.
Love & Hugs!