Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Work In Progress! Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

This month is my 3 year illustration 'dream' anniversary so I thought I'd show you how far I've come. They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so here is the one that started it all.

On a balmy night in June 2010 I dug out an old sketchbook, Sharpie pen and Prismacolor markers that, surprisingly, still worked 17 years after their last use in college.
I haven't been able to stop drawing since...
My style has evolved - A LOT.
But I still look upon this sketch with a great deal of love, for in it there was a tremendous amount of joy, humor, selflessness & abandon!

So here is how I've progressed...

Amazing what practice, patience and persistence can do...along with a whole lotta vision, faith and desire.
The dream is still progressing, bigger goals still need to be reached...
don't stop climbing.
But every once in awhile take a look down & see how far you've come!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Wonderful work then....incredible work now. You are always someone that I come back to "blogstalk" for inspiration. It's hard to believe how fast your style has evolved. Mazel Tov!

    1. "Blogstalk" I love that word. Wow. What a compliment. Funny, because I feel the same about yours. I love your style and sense of humor. It is so great the inspiring community we have here.

  2. Isn't that interesting. I don't recall seeing that early drawing. Your style has definitely evolved and become more sophisticated. You're on the right track and it's a real treat to watch it happen, Jen.

    1. haha...yeah, I somehow managed to lose or delete all posts prior to 2012 which is really kind of sad b/c now I have to go digging to find archival footage? It is a tad like unearthing middle school photos though. Many cringe worthy moments. Thanks for being there to support me on this journey. You help keep it fun.

  3. Happy drawing anniversary! <3 So wonderful to see how far you've come and how far you've reached in your work, Jen. Even your very first drawing shows strong skills, and a good sense of fun with characters. It's only just grown so much stronger. You're a treat to know here and so wonderful to see your works of art. I love looking back at my old drawings, it's stuff that I might not dare to ever show anyone. lol...So you're very brave. <3 It's interesting to see progress when we look back, because we can't seee it as time goes along. Here's to even more years of art awesomesaucery! Cheers, Jen! <3


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